Aishwarya Thakur, President

Aishwarya, (more commonly known as "Ash") is a fourth-year undergraduate student at University of California, Santa Cruz. She is majoring in Computer Science and Technology and Information Management. Always running around campus, Aishwarya is an active member of student-led organizations in the school of engineering such as Society of Woman Engineers (SWE) and Association for Computer Machinery (ACM). With the help of these organizations and ISMA, she wants to encourage young women to come join and see the beautiful side of the tech industry. Aishwarya has been a member of ISMA for a year now and hopes to build upon the foundation that the previous officers have provided and helped the club reach the highest of its abilities Aishwarya is jovial, outgoing, yet determined. Her appetite for success is well matched with this year's ISMA Board Members, leaving her with no doubt that ISMA will not only impact but lead and create the best of what UCSC has yet to see.


Weslyn Church, Vice Chair

Weslyn Church is a fourth-year student and has been a member of ISMA for two years. She studies Technology and Information Management and Global Economics with an emphasis on the European region. Weslyn is an active member of the Santa Cruz community and works with local politicians to achieve their goals and help the community. She is also an IT Student Contractor at the United States Geological Survey where she helps equip researchers to do their research. Passionate and dedicated, Weslyn is looking to propel ISMA to new heights with your help. You can reach her at this link: (shorten this link)


Namrata Shah, Secretary

Namrata Shah is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is majoring in Technology and Information Management. Having been a member her freshman year, Namrata decided that as a sophomore, she wanted to be a leader in ISMA. She hopes for ISMA to be an ambitious organization by hosting tech talks, workshops, company tours, and networking events. Namrata is also a dance enthusiast and is captain of UCSC Tohfaani Raas, a Garba/Raas team affiliated with the Indian Student Association, in which she also gathers her leadership and management experience. Namrata is interested in UI/UX engineering, big data, and mobile app development. Her goal as a board member of ISMA is to expose the wide range of opportunities in the technology and business industry to members and fill ISMA with hardworking, competitive, confident, and professional individuals by the end of the academic year.


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